We provide the full end-to-end services in client-side project management including the development of scope definition, business cases, design, construction, commissioning and handover. Our compelling portfolio of project experience is diversified including greenfield and brownfield construction projects, heritage and major refurbishment projects.

Our ‘best practice’ program and project management methodologies is based on 50 years of experience. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism – we vet what we receive from consultants and contractors and demand high quality deliverables that meet the client’s requirements. The fundamental critical success factors for the management of projects is measured through time, cost and quality objectives. We broaden the interpretation of these objectives to also include stakeholder satisfaction and safety.

Effective program management demands intelligence mapping and detailed analysis of task inter-dependencies, risk, an assessment of the impact of both delay and acceleration of linked tasks and a focussed approach on identifying efficiency opportunities. We have successfully managed complex infrastructure programs in excess of $1 billion which have included both public interest and high profile politically sensitive projects.

Strategic Project Planning

We partner early with our clients to germinate the “seed” idea and initial concept for a project. We help to define the need, evaluate options and formulate a strategy to anticipate the challenges and risks that could impact the project.

Business Case Development

We are highly proficient in developing Strategic and Detailed Business Cases, and Public Works Committee submissions which articulate a compelling value proposition for securing project funding.

Strategic Procurement

Innovative procurement strategies which are planned and executed in an efficient manner to achieve the right value for money outcome.

Risk Management

The depth of our experience, technical capability and local knowledge means that we can identify risks and develop practical mitigation strategies to protect our client and the project.

Client-side Project Management

We strive to develop long-term meaningful relationships with our clients. Your project is not a transaction to us - we care about the success of your business and we will partner with you to support the achievement of your objectives.

Program Management & Performance Reporting

We use strategies that implant robust project controls into each stage of the Program to provide confidence to our clients of the quality, time, cost, stakeholder satisfaction and safety outcomes.

Case Study
ACT Health
Integrated Program Management Office

ACT Health announced a significant investment program through the 2017-2018 Budget – “ Care when you need it”. The investment program included $1.2 billion in capital funding for acute and community health projects as well as $26 million in recurrent funding for health service improvement initiatives.

SAFM was engaged to establish an Integrated Program Management Office for the effective implementation and delivery of the capital and recurrent programs.

The key achievements of the Integrated Program Management Office included:

  • the design and implementation of the full-suite program management templates and documentation toll, customised to ACT Health’s requirements for escalation and reporting to two Ministers;
  • a consolidated reporting mechanism for controlled and informed investment decisions in relation to the capital works program across the Directorate;
  • consistency in the discipline of project management, risk management, issues escalation, program reporting and financial accountability;
  • real-time reporting on program delay, enabling early warning for mediation actions and intervention for recalibration of the control strategies; and
  • an engagement and communications strategy co-ordinated across the delivery portfolio.
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